March 25, 2012

I am The Good Shepherd

Passage: John 10:11-18
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Jesus Is saying that he is "exclusive" as he is "the" good Shepard.

1. Because he lay down his life for his sheep.
2. He knows his sheep, each of us individually, personal and intimately.

The death of Christ was not:
1. An accident
2. A surprise
3. A tragedy

The plan was created before the beginning of time. He took the road that led to his death, because it was destined, It was obedient.

vs. 18 - The death of Jesus was voluntary. He lays his life down for his sheep.

1. Acts 2:23 this man was handed over to you for Gods set purpose and knowledge. It was for this purpose that Christ was born. He came to save his people.

2. Jesus died not for his own sin but for ours. Jesus died that we could be saved from Gods wrath. Rom. 5:6-8

3. The death of Jesus was specific. To deny that is to limit Gods sovereignty. All that happened was planned and specific.

4. Jesus died for his sheep. Because he so loved his sheep. He loves me because I am a believer. It wasn't the romans/Jews that crucified Jesus, it was my sin. Psalm 116:12-13

How can you repay god?
... accept his invitation and give him praise.

Even if you only "think it" ... it's still a sin in gods eyes.

I'm one of his sheep and no one can snatch me out of his hand. There is no need to worry about loosing our relationship with god, because we are "his sheep" and we should feel secure in this.

Sheep Facts:
1. Each is different, each has value, each has a name. He's still workin on me.

2. Sheep are helpless. We need to be rescued if we fall on our backs.

3. Sheep are wavering (wandering away from safety). The world entices us to move away from the lord, care and protection.

4. Sheep are useful. We have value to god, are we going to hide or be useful?

Shepard/sheep connection:
Are you one of his sheep?